3 Ways Selling Your Home in Panama City Has Changed Since COVID-19

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate industry has experienced significant changes. As you consider selling your home in Panama City, it’s essential to understand how these changes may impact your sale since the virus is still a concern. In this article, we’ll explore three ways selling your home in Panama City has changed since COVID-19.

Home Based Lifestyle

One of the changes in selling homes in Panama City since COVID-19 is the shift in buyers’ preferences towards homes that offer spaces for activities such as home offices, workouts, schooling, and outdoor family activities. If your home does not have such spaces, it may be worthwhile to consider remodeling to maximize your profits from the sale. At Panhandle Real Estate Investments, our hybrid agents, who act as both real estate agents and investors, can assist you throughout the process, helping you make the most of your property and obtain top dollar for your listing. If you prefer not to undertake upgrades or renovations due to lack of time, funds, or interest, our hybrid agents can purchase your house as-is. Alternatively, you can explore a hybrid sale, where your hybrid agent investor from Panhandle Real Estate Investments earns a commission on the as-is value, then partners with you as an investor to make improvements and fairly split the profits with you based on the after-repair value.

Virtual Marketing

The process of selling a home in Panama City has undergone changes due to COVID-19, particularly in the marketing techniques employed. In order to stand out among other listings online, virtual tours conducted by professionals and top-quality digital imagery are now considered essential. Experienced agents recognize that hiring a professional stager, despite the added cost, can result in a higher final sales price. At Panhandle Real Estate Investments, our hybrid agents keep abreast of the latest technological advancements to help clients maximize their profits. As investor-agents, we provide a detailed breakdown of your expenses and potential profits from a direct sale, and compare it to your property’s current market value. At Panhandle Real Estate Investments, our agent investors will make a fair offer to you without any commissions or hidden charges.

Post Showing Cleanings

Selling your home in Panama City during COVID-19 has brought about changes in the post-showing disinfecting procedures. Even though restrictions have eased, it’s crucial to inquire about the steps taken by the agent to ensure safety during showings. Hybrid agents at Panhandle Real Estate Investments, acting as real estate agents, will take every necessary precaution to ensure safety. Alternatively, hybrid agents at Panhandle Real Estate Investments acting as investors eliminate showings, cleaning, and the need to leave your home on short notice.

Dealing with the changes brought about by COVID-19 while selling your home in Panama City is easy with hybrid agents at Panhandle Real Estate Investments. At Panhandle Real Estate Investments, we prioritize closing deals that leave you feeling content long after the closing date. Our in-house team of industry specialists offers full-service support, making the process convenient, quick, and straightforward. Panhandle Real Estate Investments provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for every seller and every home. You can sell your home directly to hybrid agents like those at Panhandle Real Estate Investments acting as investors for a guaranteed closing, usually within days. Moreover, you can discuss a more convenient closing date with your hybrid agent investor at Panhandle Real Estate Investments. If you’re looking to sell your home for the highest possible profits, then selling it with one of our hybrid agents acting as a real estate agent is the answer. To learn more, call Panhandle Real Estate Investments at (850) 778-2212.

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